If a child is given a textbook by someone else, like in regular schools, I think that he will not look at it as something special for him. But if he, by himself, prepares and creates his own book, I think that he will learn much better. And, I think that he will feel ‘this is my baby, this is what I created, this is what I did this year, and this is what I learned, and I’m proud of it. There are no marks or negative things that somebody wrote about me, and I feel like I’m getting better and better.’ This is part of why I think that Tamrat El Zeitoun is a special school.’
— Najua, teacher

Waldorf at work and play ...

A group of American Waldorf high school students and teachers visited Tamrat El Zeitoun for a week of service in June 2014 with World Wise Adventures and produced this video for the school.